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HASU Sports Day📅 Who is going to win today??


A group of our Y7 and Y8 students visited the University of Roehampton yesterday for a workshop entitled “Powering Transformation”, hosted by the Talent Foundry and sponsored by Dell Technologies.#educationalvisit


Our newest HASU students look very happy during the lunch break. 😁All smiles, lots of chatting and making friendships.#year7


We are so excited to welcome our new Y7 students at HASU. Lots awaits them today during their Transition Day.


Supporting our FINALIST at the Enterprise Challenge. The team worked incredibly hard formulating their brand of sauce. The judges were impressed by their brand, prototype & accompanying tortilla chips! Off to the final on 17th July 🤩🤩


What a fantastic success for our students at London Youth Games! 👏🏓Very well done girls! You did amazingly well and we are very proud of your achievement!


VictoriasVoices Academy is coming to HASU.🎼🎶Book your space to get a vocal and performance training or visit the website to find out more about it.


The 2023-2024 UK Championships Division Finalists HASU Robotics 451 (22593) “Hasuuuuuuuuuuu!” Next stop 🇬🇧🥇 watch this space 👀


Super proud of HASU ROBOTICS UK 451 (22593) ending the day as Division Finalists Championship! Thank you to everyone who supported the team this season. Next stop watch this space 👀🏆🇬🇧


Feeling incredibly honoured and blessed to receive the Compass Award! 🧭 This award celebrates leadership, dedication, and the spirit of FIRST. I couldn’t have reached this milestone without the support of my amazing team colleagues, and the FIRST community


I am deeply grateful to for giving me the opportunity to support and emcee at the UK Champs. It was an incredible experience, and I met so many passionate young people, teachers, mentors, and coaches along the way. It really is “ROBOTS!!” 🇬🇧


Good luck to our team who are today at UK Champs ! 🍀


HASU Robotics Team UK 451 (22593) leaving the building ready to take on National Championships at Cambridge University. Watch this space 👀


St.Phil's UK-179 (21200) and HASU Robotics UK-451 (22593) online today with Legendary Referee talking all things robots! A massive Thank you to Andy.


St.Phil's UK-179 (21200) and HASU Robotics UK-451 (22593) in our Robotics Lab today! its more than robots.


Reading for


HASU ROBOTICS TEAM UK-451 Global 22593 Getting ready for Nationals 🇬🇧


HASU ROBOTICS Society unboxing banners and pull ups in preparation for Nationals 🇬🇧 We cant wait to welcome you to our Academy on one of our Open days. Make sure you come and say hi 📷


With thanks to and photographer Erroll Jones for our fancy official team photo 🤩🤩🤩


We are excited to invite you to our Open Evening on Thursday, 11th July!Come and explore what makes HASU so special. Meet our dedicated staff, tour our facilities, and learn about the amazing opportunities we offer.⬇️⬆️#OpenEvening

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Computer Science


What is Computer Science? 

Computer Science is the study of principles, applications, technologies of computing and how these computer systems work. At Harris Academy Sutton, we also focus on the study and analysis of new and emerging technologies. 

Why do we teach Computer Science at HASU? 

At Harris Academy Sutton, our Computer Science curriculum has two main aims. Firstly, we want to make our students proficient and responsible users of technology by developing their knowledge in digital literacy and e-safety. These skills are crucial when identifying, evaluating and using digital hardware and software in a safe and creative manner. We strongly believe in educating our students about various ethical and legal issues concerning the of use technology in turn, preparing them to become responsible citizens in the world where these technologies govern much of our everyday life.  

In addition to this, the development of problem-solving skills is at the heart of our curriculum. We endeavour to equip our students with indispensable computational skills to help develop these reasoning and designing skills. The ability to adapt to new technologies swiftly is a non-negotiable skill required to follow an aspirational career path in every sector of the professional world, as well as helping them to become confident learners in the classroom.   

Students wishing to continue studying Computer Science at KS4 and KS5 will gain an even deeper understanding through studying modules such as Computer Systems, Computational Thinking, Programming and Algorithms. These aspirational and challenging topics give them an edge over other students who choose to wait to start studying Computer Science later at university. 


How do we teach Computer Science?

At Harris Academy Sutton, we ensure our students have the opportunity to work with a range of different software and technologies. In addition to this, we teach practical creative problem-solving and logical thinking skills through our programming schemes to nurture curiosity and resilience. We also believe that having an appreciation of the huge impact technology has on our lives is essential for nurturing passion for the study of Computer Science. Students are therefore encouraged to continually analyse, evaluate and critique emerging trends in technology during lessons and enrichment activities. 

At every stage of our curriculum, we provide our students with in-depth knowledge of the content to help them prepare for next steps in their academic journey. Through the study of Computer Science, we want to give our students a broad and balanced education in the world of technology. An interleaving curriculum has been developed to allow students to progress logically and gradually throughout different key stages. Core computational concepts are revisited periodically during teaching of various topics to ensure they are embedded in long term memory. Our curriculum also is designed to progressively augment digital literacy skills of our students to help them not only become proficient users of the technologies they encounter, but also the creators of digital artefacts and technology.  

At Harris Academy Sutton, we have an excellent provision for Computer Science study; students learn in dedicated ICT suites equipped with the latest machines and software. Computer Science lessons are intentionally designed to be paper-free, permitting students to spend valuable and meaningful time working on desktop computers. They experience a collaborative working environment through Microsoft software such as SharePoint, Teams and Forms. The technology we have available allows us to live model during lessons to help students internalise the concepts and techniques for producing the high-quality work we expect from them. 


How does Computer Science change at HASU at Key Stage4?

In key stage4, students will learn to apply the subject knowledge they acquired throughout key stage 3 in more intricate and logical ways. Study of computer science at KS4 encourages students to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in computer science. Students also analyse problems in computational terms and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs. Students will encounter questions and scenarios that will challenge them to use their problem-solving skill to the optimum levels.


Students will also be formally introduced to GCSE exam style questions and will have the opportunity to develop their exam techniques including common errors and misconceptions, layout and workings and checking answers. 


What exam board do we study at Key Stage 4?

Students studying Computer Science at HASU follow the OCR J277 qualification. 

This specification can be found here