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Thank you to everyone who participated in IID Day yesterday. Today is Innovation Day, and the focus for both year groups is 'The Shocking History of Electricity'. The first assembly of the day is on Teams at 9am. Enjoy!


Thank you, that is so kind of you to say.


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A massive thank you to the Hudson family for their exceptionally generous donation of a piano to the Music and Performing Arts departments. We cannot wait for our students to use it!


Congratulations to Isabelle C. Her artwork won our Year 7 art competition.


Congratulations to Mia W. Her self portrait ‘Through the window’ was the winner of our Year 8 art competition.


Our weekly newsletter is now out! It features the incredible winners of our art competition, information about IID Week, and lots more. We hope you enjoy it.


The Virgin Radio 500 Word writing competition is for 5 - 13 year olds this week. Entries need to be submitted to the website by Friday at midnight. We know we have some amazing writers who want to share their voice.


Our students continued to work hard in the virtual school while HASU staff had an Inset Day today. It was wonderful that so many of our staff were able to attend. We loved meeting the new teachers who will be joining HASU in September. We can't wait for our students to meet them!


Our weekly newsletter has just been published! It's full of news of life in lockdown, plus celebrations of students' work. We hope you enjoy it.


In this week's assembly, Mr Fisher discusses the importance of supporting one another in our academy and wider community. We also have a beautiful performance from Pranav in 8S5.


Bumper edition of the newsletter this week! It includes half-term project winners, plus lots more. We hope you enjoy it.


In this week's virtual assembly, Mr Duffy discusses the history and importance of Pride and HASU's vision as a Stonewall Champion School. We also have a beautiful performance from Isabella in 7U7.


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Lord, what fools these mortals be! This is your 24 hour warning that we'll be streaming the magical and hilarious 😈 tomorrow night, on YouTube, for FREE. ⏰ Set your reminder for Monday 15 June, 7.00pm.


There are a few changes to virtual tutor time timings, starting from 15th June. Virtual tutor times run every other week through Teams and are intended to be an opportunity for socialising and catching up as a community.


The eleventh issue of our virtual school newsletter was published today! It's full of excellent student work, teacher recommendations, news about competitions, and lots more. We hope you enjoy it!


This week's virtual assembly encourages us all to think about the protests and discussions going on around the world over the last week or so. There is also an introduction to our Harris Fed Art competition from Ms Fitchett.


This is on tonight! Something our students and families will enjoy.


Our latest newsletter has just been published: full of updates, ideas and student achievements.


The first Virtual Assembly of our new half term covers transferable skills and careers related learning from Ms Haughton-Nicholls. We also have a lovely performance from Jaimee in 8H2, and wellbeing tips from Ms Grant.


We hope that everyone had a restful half term. Although we will not be setting daily tasks this week, there's still a lot going on for our students at home, including virtual tutor times and optional projects. Students will also receive feedback on their Framed Tasks.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















At Harris Academy Sutton we endeavour to inspire a love of English Language and Literature as soon as our students join us in Year 7. Incorporating a wide variety of opportunities for reading, writing and speaking and listening, we are preparing our students for academic success as well as life outside of the Academy and making clear links with other subjects.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar are embedded into lessons and students are taught to proof read their writing carefully. Homework is set on an online platform called Bedrock that focuses on vocabulary building which is the foundation of a successful English student.


Our students study a variety of texts from a range of time periods and enjoy cross curricular days on Poetry, Dickens and Shakespeare.


By inspiring a passion for the written and spoken word through role-play and creative presentation opportunities, we feel that students will grow up fully able to handle the demands of GCSE as we incorporate these skills early.

Year 7

In Year 7 students study time periods that are interwoven with their analysis skills, through the topics as below:

  • Discovering English (a transition unit introducing students to analytical language skills and building upon prior knowledge)
  • Dickens Project
  • The Breadwinner
  • Shakespeare project
  • Learning to Love Poetry
  • The Apprentice (transactional writing unit)

Year 8

Voices from the Past (studying a range of Victorian fictional extracts, each week focusing on a different theme)

A Monster Calls (novel)

Diverse Shorts (studying extracts from a range of cultures)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespearian Drama)

Historical Voices (Studying famous speeches and speechwriting)

Learning to Love Poetry

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