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Now up to the 4th floor!


Another New Build photo... Looking down into the Library...


The New Build takes shape.... Looking east along the first floor corridor of the New Building. The light-well above the Library is on the left through the blue fencing.


An amazing book all teenagers should read. You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything: The Number One Bestseller


A reminder that our Transition Information Evenings take place at Harris Academy Morden next week on the 21st and 24th of May. Please check your Student Information Pack for your allocated date and remember to bring your completed pack with you.


New Year 7 Transition Programme Information and Data Collection Packs have now been posted and will be with families early next week.


Welcome to the Harris Academy Sutton twitter feed. Thank you to everyone that attended our open evenings this week! More will follow...

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Welcome from the Principal: Mr J Fisher

Welcome to Harris Academy Sutton and thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We are really excited about welcoming our first students in September 2018. We will be working with students, parents and carers form our first cohort to build a unique and exciting learning experience as the Academy grows through its first year.
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Academy Life

11 July 2017Latest news from James Fisher, Principal Designate, Harris Academy SuttonLast Week, the council received planning permission for the amazing new building which will house Harris Academy Sutton from September 2019, within the exciting development of the London Cancer Hub. Opening in 2018 in well-resourced temporary accommodation, Harris Academy Sutton will be an outstanding place to learn from day one. With places for 195 students in our first year, this is a chance to join us at the beginning – and for your child to benefit from the undivided attention of our teachers and a well-considered and easy transition between primary and secondary school. Harris Academy Sutton will be run by the Harris Federation, a not-for-profit charity led and run by teachers, which has nearly thirty years’ experience of running successful primary and secondary schools in and around London. Due to the school’s unique location, Harris Academy Sutton will place a special emphasis on the teaching and learning of science in all its forms. In addition to all of the opportunities presented by our location, the Harris Federation employs a team of specialist science teachers who help our academies ensure students are taught science imaginatively and engagingly. The team has built links with London’s top universities and medical schools so that students have access to a huge variety of experiences and opportunities. Come and find out more We’ll be holding Open Evenings in the autumn for families who are interested in applying for a place. The dates will be on our website soon. Applications for Harris Academy Sutton can be made through the local authority co-ordinated admissions form. If you have any questions or would like to know more please contact
5 April 2017Harris Federation - Education Performance Harris academies are widely recognised for the consistently high standard of education they provide.   We have summarised the latest data below – if you have any questions or would like further information, please feel free to get in touch.    Secondary Harris avg. National avg. Progress 8 +0.46 -0.03 Attainment 8 5.38 4.85 Proportion of students achieving Basics 70% 59% Proportion of students achieving EBacc 35% 23% Primary Harris avg. National avg. Proportion of pupils at expected standard 71% 53% Proportion of pupils at high standard 7% 5%   The majority of Harris academies inspected by Ofsted are ‘outstanding’ and the others are all ‘good’:  19 of our inspected academies are ‘outstanding’ and 10 are ‘good’. Our academies are three times more likely to be ‘outstanding’ than schools nationally. Of 20 academies that joined us because they had previously been considered to be failing, 12 have become ‘outstanding’ and the other eight are ‘good’.    In their 2016 performance measures for Multi Academy Trusts (MATs), the Department for Education said that:  At secondary, our Progress 8 score was the third highest of any MAT, with the trusts in first and second place running just five and three academies each (compared to 16 Harris academies considered by DfE analysts).  Our primary academies were ‘significantly above average’ in all three performance measures: we are one of just six out of 95 MATs to have achieved this.     Closing the gap between groups of pupils is part of the core mission of the Harris Federation: Consecutive reports by academic researchers at social mobility charity the Sutton Trust have concluded that we are among the top academy trusts for improving the prospects of disadvantaged pupils.  Nationally, Progress 8 for disadvantaged pupils was -0.38 in 2016. This compares with +0.41 at Harris, showing that our disadvantaged pupils achieved more than a grade higher in six of their GCSEs than they would have done on average elsewhere. Lower ability pupils are five times more likely to achieve the English Baccalaureate with the Harris Federation than they are nationally. Not only do disadvantaged children in Harris primary academies outperform disadvantaged children nationally, they also outperform non-disadvantaged children: 64% of our Year 6 pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds met expected standards in reading, writing and maths in 2016. This compares to 60% of all non-disadvantaged children in the country and just 39% of disadvantaged children.    Of 11 Harris primary academies with Key Stage 2 results in 2016, eight had been placed in Ofsted failure categories before joining our Federation. But: Every Harris primary academy outperformed its local authority average for the percentage of pupils meeting expected standards in reading, writing and maths.  71% of Harris primary children met expected standards overall (this compares to a national average of 53%).    In 2016, all 17 Harris secondary academies achieved positive Progress 8 scores: Progress 8 at Harris was +0.46, compared to the national average of -0.03. Put into context, this means that every Harris pupil achieved about a grade higher in four GCSEs than they would have done on average elsewhere. Locally, Harris academies topped the Progress 8 league tables in five of the nine boroughs we had schools in. Four Harris academies were in the top 1% of schools nationally. Progress 8 at Harris Academy Battersea was 1.14, the highest of any school in London and the fourth highest in the country.    Harris secondary pupils are achieving success based on a core curriculum of academic subjects:  In 2010, the average English Baccalaureate score for the secondary schools (including predecessor schools) that now make up the Harris Federation was just 7%.  This was five times higher in 2016, at 35%. The national average is 23%.  15% of Harris sixth formers won places at Russell Group universities in 2016. Increasing numbers are also winning places on the most competitive apprenticeship programmes: last summer, these included KPMG and Bain.  At Harris Westminster, 23 sixth formers – 10% of the year group sitting A Levels in summer 2017 –have received offers to study at Oxford and Cambridge.  
20 January 2017DfE performance measures for multi-academy trusts The Department for Education has published new data about how different schools are performing at Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4. This includes an analysis of multi-academy trusts (MATs). The data is based on the performance of schools in 2016 SATs and GCSEs and all Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) with more than three schools open for at least three years have been included. Harris academies performed exceptionally well, building on our strong results in previous years. The DfE’s key findings in relation to the Harris Federation are set out below. Key Stage 2 (KS2) We were one of 95 MATs included by the DfE. 10 Harris primary academies were included in the data – all those which were in their third academic year or more by 2015/16. There are three performance measures: our children’s progress in Reading, Writing and Maths. In Reading, the score across our group was 2.5. This was the sixth highest score of the 95 MATs included. In Writing, our score was 3.6, the fourth highest score. And in Maths, our score of 3.3 was also the fourth highest score. The DfE consider us to be performing ‘significantly above average’ in all three measures. The Harris Federation is one of only 6 out of 95 MATs to have achieved this. Key Stage 4 (KS4) We were one of 47 MATs to be included in the DfE’s analysis. 16 Harris secondary academies were included in the data – as with primary, only schools open for three years or more by 2015/16 were factored in. The Progress 8 score across the 16 Harris academies was +0.42.  This was the third highest score of any MAT, with the groups featuring first and second running five academies and three academies each. It is worth noting that because schools have not been included if they were less than three years old last summer, Harris Academy Battersea has not been factored in to the DfE’s analysis. At 1.14, its Progress 8 was the highest of any Harris academy. Its success has been noted by the Evening Standard and Guardian among others.   The DfE consider our Progress 8 score to be ‘significantly above average’ – we are one of just 11 MATs to achieve this.
17 January 2017Harris Teacher Training rated 'Outstanding' All of us at the Harris Federation are thrilled and delighted that the qualification programme we provide for trainee teachers has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. We were first accredited to provide the training in 2014.  All of our trainees are either graduates or people who have decided to change careers in order to become teachers.  This year, we are training almost 150 people to become successful primary and secondary teachers. Inspectors visited 10 Harris academies, where they spoke to our trainees and observed them teach.  As well as commenting on the ‘high calibre’ of our trainees, inspectors found that our training ‘consistently secures outstanding outcomes’.  Once trainees are qualified, inspectors found that their first year in the profession is ‘extremely well supported by leaders and trainers so that the transition from trainee to teacher is highly professional.’ Our teacher training team recently made a short video introducing our extremely varied but universally talented and ambitious trainees. Watch it on Rachael Hare, Head of Harris Initial Teacher Education at Harris said: We’re incredibly proud of the exceptional quality of our trainees and alumni.  Principals often feed back that graduates from the programme are uniquely well-prepared and far in advance of their peers, starting their NQT year highly confident in their teaching ability and experts in terms of subject knowledge, inclusion and behaviour management. It is a tremendous credit to our dynamic, talented trainers and mentors that our initial inspection has resulted in a judgement of Outstanding in every category.  Our exceptional training team, subject mentors and academy staff work closely in partnership to ensure the strongest of outcomes for our beginner teachers, and therefore the children in our schools.” If you are considering training to teach in 2017/18, visit for information about the kind of candidates we are looking for and details of how to apply.  
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