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PGL trip was a massive success and all our Year 8 students came back very happy.Look at some of their special moments caught in this video.#HASUlife


PGL trip:Day 3Fantastic couple of days for our Year 8 students at PGL Liddington.


Day 2 of PGL trip. A very clear and sunny morning. Year 8 students are very excited to go canoeing.Have fun everyone!#HASUlife


Year 8 students arrived at PGL. And the weather looks very promising. 😀#HASUlife


Our Year 8 students are on their way to Liddington.Have a fantastic time, full of adventures!


Are you curious what we have been up to recently?Our latest Newsletter is available now on our website so check it out, to find out what has been happening at HASU this term.


After qualifying for the finals of Oxford University Computing Challenge, HASU student finished at 15th place from over 400,000 students that participated in the challenge this year from the United Kingdom and abroad. We are extremely proud!


Last Friday we had a visit from Lloyd Alter, a leading sustainable design author & lecturer at . He gave a talk to our Y12 Product design students & some Eco Reps, along with Christian Dimbleby from who designed our building.#passivehaus


HASU SE Regional


HASU SE Regional


Our Eco Committee were treated to an inspiring talk by leading sustainable design author & lecturer at Toronto Metropolitan University & Christian Dimbleby from about sustainable living, upfront carbon & Passive House architecture.


HASU SE Regional


HASU SE Regional


Our Eco Committee were treated to an inspiring talk by leading sustainable design author & lecturer at Toronto Metropolitan University & Christian Dimbleby from about sustainable living, upfront carbon & Passive House architecture.


Our talented students are getting ready for our Bugsy Malone Musical 🎭 It's going to be an amazing show!


Thank you to our student concierge for his positive attitude and valuable help this morning. Ladies in the HASU's office are very impressed today! 👌Brilliant work! 👏 👌 ✨️


What a week! Congratulations to our regional WINNING team!! We're all buzzing to be going to the Grand Final held in London in June. With thanks to


What a week! Congratulations to our regional WINNING team!! We're all buzzing to be going to the Grand Final held in London in June. With thanks to


And off they went.. Good luck girls!


Practical Chemistry lesson for Y7 students!They learnt about pH scales, used enquiry process to predict the colour of universal indicator paper with different solutions. They went on to experiment to see for themselves and discussed the results as they "spoke like a scientist".

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Raising Achievement



On this page, you will find an overview of the provision in place at the Academy to support our Year 11 and 10 students throughout their Key Stage 4 studies. This provision is collectively known as our Raising Achievement Plan.

We understand that Year 11 is an extremely important year for children and their families. We’re confident that at HASU it will be a year that each and every child can be proud of, and we’re looking forward to working with our students and their families to make that a reality.

An overview of Year 11 2023-24

Below you will find a list of key dates this year for our Year 11 students:


What’s happening?


Raising Achievement Evening for parents/carers and Year 11 students
w/b 25/09/23

Study Support timetable (Autumn 1) published and drop-in sessions commence

w/b 02/10/23

Mock exam window 1 revision lists published on website

w/b 30/10/23

Spanish Speaking Mocks 1

w/b 06/11/23

Mock exam window 1


Mock exam Report 1  


Year 11 Parents and Carers Evening

w/b 22/01/24

Mock exam window 2 revision lists published on website

w/b 19/02/24

Spanish Speaking Mocks 2

w/b 26/02/24

Mock exam window 2


Mock exam Report 2

w/b 25/03/24

Online progress meetings with parents/carers (if applicable)

w/b 13/05/24

GCSEs begin


Resources and advice to support Year 11s in their studies

All Year 11 students at the Academy benefit from the Learning to Learn strand of our Tutor Time curriculum.

There are a range of helpful videos and resources included in the Revision area of our Academy Website here.

The Learning Scientists provide a fantastic overview of how to study most effectively, which can be found here.

We strongly emphasise to students that preparation is key when it comes to revising as effectively and efficiently as possible. More advice on specific recommended materials and revision guides can be found in the attachments at the base of this page.

Advice for parents on supporting with revision and study

There are lots of brilliant sources of advice for parents and carers seeking to support their children. We'd like to direct you to a few great options:

Inner Drive: 10 ways that parents can help their child revise

How to help your child with their revision - five proven strategies

For Parents: 16 Tips To Support Your Child With Revision

Mock examination arrangements

Students will complete two sets of formal mock examinations during Year 11. Ahead of each exam, full details including a timetable, revision lists and expectations will be published.

Information about formal examinations can be found here on our website.

Who can you contact for support?

The wellbeing and safeguarding of children at the Academy is our top priority. There are numerous avenues for support available at Harris Sutton.

All staff at the Academy can be contacted by an email to marked for the attention of that member of staff.

Should a parent or child require advice or guidance, for example help with revision strategies or exam preparation, they should please feel free to reach out in the first instance to their child’s tutor.

If you are worried about your child’s mental heath and wellbeing, please contact a member of our Safeguarding team:

If you would like to discuss an academic concern, please contact Mr Duffy in the first instance.

Study support arrangements

As students enter the final year of GCSE study, some students will benefit from additional support in certain subjects. This could be because they are struggling and need additional teacher input, or it could be because they would enjoy the structure and encouragement of their teachers while they are revising and practicing.

The Academy will offer a comprehensive Study Support timetable. A variety of sessions will run both at lunch times and after school. Some sessions will be ‘drop in’ and students can choose to attend or not. Others may be targeted, with specific students invited to attend in order to support them in achieving their best.

Study support sessions may involve different things in different subjects, but all sessions will be focused on practice and helping students to develop their knowledge and skills. Study support is not intended to be a ‘re-teaching’ exercise, but rather structured support around studying and revising.

Study support for the spring term is now running with the sessions below:


Y11 Study Support Timetable

Spring Term







Before School



PE Intervention


(Sports Hall)

Spanish Exam Practice

(Lang 2)




Lunch Time


Dance practical

(Dance Studio)

 Music Theory

(Mac Suite)

DT practical

(DT Workshop)

Business Studies

(Psych 2)

Maths Clinic

(Maths Corridor)


 Art practical

(Art 2)



Science clinic

(Super Lab)



(Geo 2)


(Maths Sem)


Drama practical

(Drama Studio)


English drop-in

(English Seminar)





Maths Paper Society


Art practical

(Art 2)


Science Paper Practice

(Super Lab)


(Hist 1)


(Textiles Room)

Computer Studies

(Computing 2 - STA)


(Computing 1 – AKU )


(English Corridor)


Spanish Speaking

(Languages corridor)


(Hist 3)

Food Paper Practice

(Computing 2)

DT practical

(DT Workshop)

Y11 Homework Intervention

(Computing 2)


(Maths Sem)







Holiday Study Support

The Academy will run bespoke study support sessions for Year 11 during the Feburary, Easter and May Half Term holidays.

Easter Holiday Study Support

During the Easter holiday we will be running four days of study support for our year 11 students from Monday 8th – Thursday 11th April.   Sessions will run daily from 9am-11.45am and 12.15pm-3pm. Students should sign up via the Microsoft form link below:

Students should arrive 10 minutes before the start of each session.  They must dress sensibily but do not have to wear school uniform.  There is no food available on site so if they are staying for both morning and afternoon sessions, they must bring a packed lunch.



Monday 8th

Tuesday 9th

Wednesday 10th 

Thursday 11th




History (1)

Cold War


English (1)

SO4 Revision


Citizenship (1)

Revision Session


Art/ Textiles (1)

Exam Prep


Spanish (2)

Exam Practice

(Higher & Foundation)


Chemistry (2)

Exam Practice

(Triple & Combined)


Food (1)

Written Paper Exam Practice


Maths (3)

Foundation GCSE Revision

Higher GCSE Revision 6/7

Higher GCSE Revision 8/9


Further Maths (1)

Key Topics in Further Maths

Business (1)

9 and 12 Mark Focus


History (2)

Weimar and Nazi Germany


Migrants in Britain c800-Present (excl. Notting Hill)


DT (1)

Written Paper Exam Practice











English (1)

SO4 Revision


Latin (1)

Exam Practice


Music (1)

NEA Catch up


Spanish (2)

Exam Practice

(Higher & Foundation)


Chemistry (2)

Exam Practice

(Triple & Combined)


Biology (1)

Exam Practice



RS (1)

Paper 1 (Beliefs and Practices) support session


Business (1)

Key topic focus and answering technique


DT (1)

Practical Session


Physics (2)

Exam Practice

(Triple & Combined)