Look at this view! 🤩Looks as our HASU students are very lucky with the weather conditions in Austria and are enjoying their winter trip.#HASUtrip


Our Spring Newsletter has been published. You can view it @ forward to seeing you all back on Monday.


Harris Federation elevates STEM session.


Our canteen is ready with a lovely selection of Chinese delicacies in celebration of the Year of the Dragon.#ChineseNewYear2024


Working towards developing future leaders!HASU official meeting went well yesterday proving the power of collaboration. Lots of interesting discussion, questions and insights between HASU6 SLT and Leadership Ambassadors from Year 7-11.Well done everyone!


Congratulations to Danche and Cian who participated in the Oxford University Computing Challenge.Cian from Y9 achieved Merit award (top 5% ) in the country and Danche from Y8 got a Distinction and qualified for the finals.🌟👏Well done boys and good luck in the finals Danche!


HASU students are celebrating Chinese New Year today making lanterns, dragons and competing with their chopsticks skills. Thank you to our Equality and Diversity ambassadors for hosting such a well organised event.


Let's talk about Children's Mental Health.Supportive conversation can make all the difference.#MentalHealthAwareness


Thank you to for visiting HASU and speaking with the A-Level Politics and Sociology students as the Croydon and Sutton member on the Greater London assembly. His visit provided insight into the role of GLA and his role in representing the area.


It's DEAR Time at HASU.So lovely to see our students reading.📚#dropeverythingandread


Known for her sweeping romances and wit, our February Author of the Month is Jane Austen. Our display also features a wonderful retelling of Pride & Prejudice by - a great way to introduce Austen to new readers 😍📚


HASU hosted this year's SpellingBee. Students from 20 academies managed some truly impressive spells! Unfortunately, we didn't get the top spot, but we are so proud of our team.Well done to all the participant and to who won this year!#spellingbee


has just engaged 2 reluctant Year 9 readers for 4 chapters. We each read a chapter, discussed words we didn't know and dug deeper into the themes. Thank you for writing a fantastically relatable book for teenage girls. 🤩


Our Author of the Month and Mystery Books display just before *everything* was borrowed!


During their library lesson our Year 7s pledged to read together, or was it race each other to the finish..?


You can apply for our HASU Scholarship Advanced Programme by following the link: scan QR code.The deadline for all applications is 22nd January. Don't miss it!#HASUAdvancedScholarshipProgramme


HASU6 is on Twitter now.Follow us to see what our Sixth Form students are up to.


Applications for HASU Scholarship Advanced Programme is now open. The aim of the programme is to offer enriching opportunities for pupils in Year 10. The deadline for applications is 22nd January.Don't miss it!


HASU6 Robotics Society Hello world!🌍 UK-Team 520 ready for action!


Applications for Year 10 HASU Scholarship Advanced Programme is now open.The aim of the programme is to offer enriching opportunities for pupils in Year 10. The deadline for applications is 22nd January.Don't miss it!#ScholarshipAdvancedProgramme #HASUchallenge

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Uniform, Equipment and Prohibited Items

What is our vision for Uniform at HASU?

HASU pupils wear their uniform with pride.  It is a sign to other members of the community of the standards to which our pupils hold themselves to and exemplifies the culture of ‘highest expectations’ that we have. 

All pupils are expected to be of smart and sensible appearance and must adhere to the school Uniform and Equipment Policy at all times.  We have a list of equipment that is required that has been selected to ensure the maximum possible levels of achievement and no disruption to learning.

What are the details regarding Uniform and Equipment at HASU?




Royal blue with teal piping


Royal blue with teal piping


Royal blue with silver and teal stripes




Tartan knee length skirt




Plain black shoes – No trainers, ankle boots, boots or fabric shoes. No trimmings i.e. buckles, labels, tags or decorations. Laces and stitching must be black. Black shoes should be worn on the way to and from the Academy.

Outside coat

Plain black or dark navy blue only

HASU Uniform Board


Full details can be found in our Uniform and Equipment policy.


Where can I order HASU school uniform?

The Harris Academy Sutton website page for Stevensons is:

The Academy also operates a used uniform scheme that is coordinated through the Academy PTA. Their website and contact details can be found here. The PTA holds uniform sales events throughout the year, as well as several events in July for our new parents.

For more information about how to access this used uniform you should contact the PTA directly via the email on thier website or through our Admissions Manager Karen Palm who will cordinate with them on your behalf.

Where can I find the Academy's Uniform and Equipment Policy?

The full uniform and equipment policy can be found in the Student Welfare section of the Policies area of the website, here.

What does my child need to bring to school each day?

All students are expected to arrive at the Academy each day with the following equipment:

  • Academy planner (provided)
  • Reading book
  • A Casio FX-83GTCW or FX-83GTX calculator (any colour, must be purchased).
  • At least two working black or blue pens
  • Purple pen
  • Two pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Glue stick
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses

More information on equipment can be found in the Uniform and Equipment Policy.

What is my child not allowed to bring to school?

In order to ensure that the Academy is as safe, healthy and happy as possible, the Academy prohibits certain items. These rules are all in place in the best interests of students, and the Academy maintains an open dialogue with students through the Student Commission regarding prohibited items.


Specific prohibited items

Electronic Devices

  • Phones (should not be seen or heard on the Academy site. Students who bring a phone to school should have it turned off and stored safely)
  • Cameras
  • Smart watches or other devise that connect to the internet

Food and Drink

The general rule is that small packs of ‘packed-lunch’ size sweets, crisps, biscuits etc are fine and appropriate.

Large bags of sweets or crisps and inappropriate fizzy drinks are not appropriate for school. The following items are prohibited and will be confiscated:

  • Lollipops
  • Caffeinated energy drinks
  • Bags of sweets over 16g
  • Packs of biscuits bigger than 3 biscuits
  • Fizzy drinks not sold on site
  • Bags of crisps bigger than 25g

Chewing gum

  • Chewing gum is completely forbidden.

Harmful objects

  • Any blade, knife, or other object deemed usable as a weapon
  • Drugs (both illegal, and medicines not declared to Student Wellbeing)
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • E-Cigarettes
  • Vaping fluid
  • Any and all smoking paraphernalia