We had a brilliant day at Harris Federation Athletics on Monday, winning nine gold, three silver and six bronze medals. More information to follow in our newsletter!


The hard work and commitment pays off! Despite only playing 2 competitive fixtures, our Y10 Boys basketball team won the Harris Federation Basketball Tournament yesterday seeing off 12 other schools. Those early morning training sessions proved pivotal.


Retweetd From Miss Spencer

First group to arrive at the finish line 🏁👏🏼


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All groups have now arrived at the campsite..tents being set up and pupils making themselves at home


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Incredibly pleasing to win a RIBA National Award for . Thanks to great client leadership from and a brilliant, collaborative delivery team.


Well done to all of our students who took part in Borough Athletics today! ☀️


Year 10 students enjoying their walking tour, starting at the Kindertransport memorial in Hope Square - thanks to


The Year 8 cricket team have been on fire in the sun. Two wins in two days against tough opposition in Charterhouse and Carshalton Boys. Both games ended in dramatic fashion, coming down to the last ball.


Please nominate HASU so we can be in for a chance to win £1,000 of book tokens to help expand our library!


Three of our Young Carers were invited to the Mayor's Reception at Sutton Civic Offices yesterday as part of National Carers Week 2022. They were able to talk about their experiences with the Mayor and councillors to help raise awareness.


Our Sports Hall is all ready to go for this week’s Year 10 assessments.


We look forward to welcoming our students back to school tomorrow. We have loads of exciting things coming up in the next seven weeks including IID Week, Work Experience, Sports Day, and the performances of our first ever school musical: Matilda.


A fantastic set of summer holiday workshops in Central London run by . These workshops might appeal to our students with an interest in science, maths, engineering and computer science.


The HASU newsletter for Summer 1 was published on our website yesterday.


This half term Year 7 have been studying interdependence in Biology. Students have had the opportunity to go to the park to investigate the distribution of daisies.


A HASU parent has asked us to share information about a local girls’ football team’s trials ⚽️. Details below.


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Year 9 students hugely excited to see this afternoon’s performance of ! (Staff very excited too!)


A HASU parent is running a May Holiday Club with Jubilee-themed art and cooking at Harris Academy Sutton on Tuesday 31st May 9am - 4pm. Information and booking here:


Well done to the team of HASU staff who completed the Marsden March today, raising money for a worthy cause.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Curriculum

At Harris Academy Sutton (HASU) we believe that our curriculum, which is the substance of what we teach, is one of the most important elements of our work as a school. We aim to ensure that every student attending our Academy has the opportunity to enjoy an ambitious, broad, balanced, culturally rich curriculum which will enable each individual to achieve their very highest potential, regardless of their background or starting point.

At the heart of our vision and ethos are our core values: Innovation, Integrity, and Discovery. We aspire, through our curriculum, for students to leave us with integrity at the heart of their character, ready to use the rich and powerful foundation of knowledge developed during their schooling to find innovative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow, and furthermore to discover new knowledge themselves that will help them to drive forwards the frontiers of our understanding.

We believe that the best way to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world is with a broad, challenging academic curriculum through which every student can access and engage with the best that has been thought and said. We are a school with our Science specialism at our heart, and our curriculum vision takes inspiration from, among other sources, one of the great scientists of the past:

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." Isaac Newton 1675

We aspire for our students to see themselves as flourishing scholars, learning the best there is to learn and standing on the shoulders of giants to gain an ever greater understanding of the world around them.

Our curriculum intent

At Harris Academy Sutton, we intend for all students to:

  • Experience a broad, balanced and deep curriculum, rich in powerful knowledge that will enable students to understand, engage with and help shape the world.
  • Develop into literate, numerate and eloquent communicators
  • Mature with strong character, underpinned by the principle of acting with integrity.
  • Personally develop into culturally literate, rounded, healthy and happy individuals who are able to lead safe, satisfying and successful adult lives.
  • Leave us equipped with the qualifications, experiences, knowledge and skills required to progress onto their next steps and futures.

Our curriculum encompasses ‘what we teach’ in the broadest sense, drawing together:

  • The academic curriculum taught through discrete subjects
  • The personal development curriculum taught through tutor time, assemblies and IID days
  • The wider curriculum taught through educational visits, enrichment, and our abundance of further curriculum experiences
  • The ‘hidden’ or ‘cultural’ curriculum, taught through the day to day experience of being a student within the Harris Academy Sutton community.

How is our curriculum designed?

Each subject has its own bespoke curriculum, designed by our subject specialist curriculum leaders to provide breadth, challenge, and powerful disciplinary learning. Subject teachers maintain their high levels of subject knowledge through regular, subject-specific training and self-study, and draw on further support from active engagement with subject associations and collaboration with the Harris Federation’s expert central teams of subject specialists.

Each Subject Curriculum is developed with our six guiding curriculum principles in mind:

  • Challenge
  • Powerful Knowledge
  • Cultural Literacy
  • Sequencing
  • Retrieval
  • Student Futures

More information about what we mean by these principles can be found in our Curriculum Policy.

How can you learn more about our curriculum?

Each subject has its own page on this website, a list of which can be found here.

On each page, you can find the Subject Curriculum Plan for each Year, which sets out the intended curriculum and the rationale for what subject leaders have chosen to teach and when. These documents provide a foundation for more detailed curriculum planning by setting out the knowledge and skills to be taught during a given period of time.

The Personal Development and Wider Curriculum is detailed in the Personal Development section of the website, which can be found here.

How is our curriculum organised?


Students are taught through 5 x 60-minute lessons a day, in addition to 30 minutes of tutor time a day and at least 1 hour of compulsory enrichment per week. The academy day is detailed here.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 encompasses Years 7, 8 and 9. During Key Stage 3, all students will follow the Academy’s Key Stage 3 curriculum which incorporates the full National Curriculum entitlement, Religious Studies, the HASU Personal Development curriculum and age appropriate Relationships and Sex Education.

The Academy’s Key Stage 3 curriculum remains as broad as possible for as long as possible, ensuring that all students study a full range of academic subjects until the start of Year 10.


Key Stage 4 Options process

During Year 9, students are inducted into the Key Stage 4 options preferences process. The vast majority of students are encouraged to choose the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects in addition to choosing options from a wide variety of Key Stage 4 subjects.

Students are provided with detailed information, advice and guidance so as to ensure that they make decisions with which they will be satisfied and which will allow them to achieve their potential.

The Academy’s options process ensures that all students follow a curriculum that is right for them, while remaining as broad and academically rich as possible.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 encompasses Years 10 and 11. During Key Stage 4, students follow a personalised programme of study based on their Key Stage 4 options, in addition to the HASU Personal Development curriculum (incorporating further learning in Religious Studies and Computing for students who have not selected the subjects at GCSE) and age appropriate Relationships and Sex Education.


Key Stage 5

Harris Academy Sutton will offer a Sixth Form from September 2023. Our subject specialist curriculum leaders are already preparing for the transition from GCSE to A-Levels, and our curriculum planning carefully considers the needs of an effective seven year curriculum. Our Key Stage 4 curriculum is intended to provide students with an excellent foundation for further study in any subjects that they should choose to take further.

More information on our Key Stage 5 curriculum will be available in the coming months of 2021-22, and will be shared here.

Our Policy

The Academy's Curriculum policy can be found in the Teaching and Learning section of the Policies area of the website, here.