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Our latest newsletter has just been published: full of updates, ideas and student achievements.


The first Virtual Assembly of our new half term covers transferable skills and careers related learning from Ms Haughton-Nicholls. We also have a lovely performance from Jaimee in 8H2, and wellbeing tips from Ms Grant.


We hope that everyone had a restful half term. Although we will not be setting daily tasks this week, there's still a lot going on for our students at home, including virtual tutor times and optional projects. Students will also receive feedback on their Framed Tasks.


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Well done Year 7 on a fantastic half term. I’ve really missed seeing you all, but I’ve been so impressed with how brilliantly you’ve all been working online. Have a great half term. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can see each other again. Stay safe.


Our weekly newsletter is out! Many thanks to everyone who has sent us contributions so far. There will not be a newsletter next week but it will be back after half term, so please continue to send us photos and news.


Love books? Hay Festival is running a 2020 programme for schools this week, created especially for learning at home. It brings authors straight from their house to yours.


In this week's virtual assembly: -Ms Grant offers advice to all of us to help maintain our mental health  -Ms Houghton discusses the Olympic spirit  -Mr Cutress launches our MiMove initiative Plus a lovely poetry reading from Arqish.


We had some trouble sending our newsletter by email yesterday. In case you missed it, here’s the link:


The eighth edition of our Virtual School Newsletter was sent out today. Please share it with your children. Thank you for all the contributions - keep them coming!


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Hi Year 7s. I am aware of an issue a number of you had uploading your Music Framed Tasks to Show My Homework today. They are looking into it. For now, please save your work and I will post on Show My Homework when it is fixed with instructions of how to submit it.


Our 7th virtual assembly has now been shared on YouTube. Mrs Holden talks to us about the arts during lockdown. There's a beautiful performance at the start from Samarth in 7U7. Also, watch until the end for a special poetry reading from the HASU staff!


Don’t forget that Macbeth is on tonight! This is the production that Year 8 were planning to see at The Globe.


Our weekly newsletter is out! This one features some beautiful poetry written by our students.


This week's assembly is on innovation during times of crisis, from Mrs Morgan. We are also reintroducing student performances! This first week, we are featuring a beautiful performance from Tilly in 7A4.


Today’s HASU newsletter is available to read here: It’s packed full of news, recommendations and amazing student work.


Students and staff are encouraged to get involved in the HASU Reading Challenge, which was posted on Show My Homework today. How many of these reading challenges can you do?


Today's virtual assembly is now live. Parents, please encourage your children to watch this. Thank you!


This week's newsletter has now been published: It features news from students and examples of great work, plus challenges and recommendations from teachers.


Retweetd From miMoveApp

Excited to announce who join the growing community of schools now using miMove to support and celebrate their students' physical activity journeys. Looking forward to working with you and your students.


We are very proud of our Vice Principal Miss Corley, who featured in The Times article "How work in Britain has been changed by coronavirus" yesterday: You can read Miss Corley's interview here:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Virtual School

During a school closure we will ensure continuity of education using our Harris Academy Sutton Virtual School.


Show My Homework

All work will be set on Show My Homework. If a student cannot access the system they should email for assistance.


Virtual Tutor Time

From week commencing 11th May, tutors will be running virtual tutor times through Teams.


Live Lessons

From week commencing 8th June, we will be launching one daily Live Lesson. At 11am on each weekday students will be invited to join a live event on Microsoft Teams, where a teacher will deliver a 30 to 40-minute live lesson. This will be available to all students but is not compulsory for those unable to be online at this time.

The timetable offers a different subject each day, covering the same content as on Show My Homework but in a live format. This will give students an opportunity to receive some live teaching whilst not adding to their workload. In the third week we will offer a series of practical sessions to give them students something exciting to do! The timetable can be downloaded here.



Students will be expected to complete 40 minute lessons in five subjects a day. These subjects will follow the following timetables:

Year 7 Virtual School Timetable

Year 8 Virtual School Timetable


Every morning students should check Show My Homework for the day's lessons and complete them all over the course of the day. Lessons do not have to be completed in the order shown on the timetable. It is important that students attempt to complete all work set. 

PE teachers will also provide a daily link to a workout video to ensure that students stay active and healthy whilst confined to their home.



If a student is unwell then they will not be expected to complete school work until they have fully recovered. This decision will need to be made by parents and carers.  

After a student has recovered from a period of sickness they do not need to do extra work to catch up on the work they missed while unwell. Parents and carers should support their children in ensuring that they get the right balance.



It is recommended that parents and carers set 'school hours' for their children during which they must be completing school work with no distractions. For example this might be 9am until 3pm. These school hours should include scheduled breaks for snacks and meals. Students should keep themselves well hydrated whilst working. It is strongly recommended that they drink water and avoid sugary drinks.

Students will need access to a quiet space to complete their work. If they have their own mobile phone they should not be allowed access to it during school hours as it is incredibly distracting. If possible they should work in a separate area from games consoles and televisions. 

Students will need their pencil case and exercise books. If they do not have an exercise book at home for a subject then they should use the Virtual School exercise book provided by the school, or paper. Students will need internet access in order to access Show My Homework every day. This can be done via the mobile phone app if necessary.

Some subjects will set homework on online platforms such as Hegarty Maths and Kerboodle - these are far better accessed on a computer, laptop or tablet rather than a mobile phone. We appreciate that families are sharing these devices so we will endeavour to set a variety of different types of work.


Communication and Support

Students are able to use Show My Homework to contact teachers directly with queries. However we strongly encourage them to use their initiative first and try to take a 'common sense' approach when they are unsure about something. They should not be anxious about being told off if they don't understand an instruction - they should just do what they can, and ask for help if needed. Please bear in mind that if a teacher doesn't reply to a message sent through Show My Homework it may be because they are unwell. 

If a student can not access one of our online platforms such as Kerboodle, Hegarty Maths, Bedrock or Show My Homework they should email for assistance. This email account will be monitored by Mrs Morgan during the school closure.

If you need support from the school for equipment and/or internet access, please email

If websites become overwhelmed with traffic and cease to function, please try again at another time. If the situation persists please consider sensible self-guided alternatives to the work that has been set. This might include reading a book, writing a story or making revision notes on topics studied so far this year.


Frequently Used Websites

Maths: Hegarty Maths (user guide here)

English: Bedrock (user guide here)

Science: Kerboodle

Virtual Tutor Time: Microsoft Teams

All subjects: Show My Homework (user guide here)

All subjects: YouTube