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Well done Meg - that’s fantastic!


Some more literature-related films that are on this week


Thank you! 😀


Mr Fisher’s first virtual assembly is now online for all students to watch. Please check Show My Homework for the link. Here’s a photo of our Day School children watching it in the library this morning.


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Well done Year 7! We made it through the first week! Massively proud of you all for working so hard on your Virtual School work. Sad we can’t all be together for a bit, but it’ll make us even stronger when we return. Have a great weekend. Stay safe.


We are delighted to share the first issue of our Virtual School Newsletter. This will be emailed to all parents by Mr Fisher later today. Please share it with your children. Thank you to everyone who contributed - please keep those contributions coming.


Lovely! Thank you! We’ll put this in next week’s newsletter.


Some literature-related films that are on this week


We have seven key worker children attending school today, separated at a safe distance, and four members of staff on site. Thank you to all of our families for making sensible decisions today, helping us to minimise the number of our staff required to travel to school.


Lovely! That looks like a great workspace. Is it ok if we add this to our collection of ‘Virtual School’ photos? We will share them on Facebook and Twitter once a week to show our wonderful students working hard - it might encourage and inspire others.


That’s really great to hear. 👍


Brilliant! That looks like an excellent workspace. Is it ok if we add this to our collection of ‘Virtual School’ photos? We will share them on Facebook and Twitter once a week to show our wonderful students working hard - it might encourage and inspire others.


Fingers crossed


We loved seeing Year 8 today. What a wonderful day of lessons. They all acted with such maturity. There are more photos on our Facebook page. We are immensely proud of all of our students and we will miss them very much.


Here is today's letter from Mr Fisher. Information about the virtual school is available here:


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Feels really strange not to have you here today Year 7. Remember that all your work for today is on Show My Homework. I’m looking forward to seeing the work you do! Keep safe guys, see you soon!


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

A sad day today. I’m already really looking forward to the day we get to welcome our amazing students back and this room can be filled with music again. Stay safe everyone.


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

More great stuff from Year 7 today

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Virtual School

During a school closure we will ensure continuity of education using our Harris Academy Sutton Virtual School.


Show My Homework

All work will be set on Show My Homework. If a student cannot access the system they should email for assistance.



Students will be expected to complete lessons in five subjects a day. These subjects will follow the following timetables:

Year 7 Virtual School Timetable

Year 8 Virtual School Timetable

Every morning students should check Show My Homework for the day's lessons and complete them all over the course of the day. Lessons do not have to be completed in the order shown on the timetable.

It is important that students attempt to complete all work set. This helps ensures that they do not fall behind in their education, and also helps to maintain a sense of normality, which should help them to cope during this difficult time.

PE teachers will also provide a daily link to a workout video to ensure that students stay active and healthy whilst confined to their home.

Over time we plan to introduce intiatives such as 'Virtual Assemblies' to maintain a sense of community. 

We are constantly reviewing the appropriateness of the work we are setting and will make adjustments over time if required. 



If a student is unwell then they will not be expected to complete school work until they have fully recovered. This decision will need to be made by parents and carers.  

After a student has recovered from a period of sickness they do not need to do extra work to catch up on the work they missed while unwell. Parents and carers should support their children in ensuring that they get the right balance.



It is recommended that parents and carers set 'school hours' for their children during which they must be completing school work with no distractions. For example this might be 9am until 3pm. These school hours should include scheduled breaks for snacks and meals. Students should keep themselves well hydrated whilst working. It is strongly recommended that they drink water and avoid sugary drinks.

Students will need access to a quiet space to complete their work. If they have their own mobile phone they should not be allowed access to it during school hours as it is incredibly distracting. If possible they should work in a separate area from games consoles and televisions. 

Students will need their pencil case and exercise books. If they do not have an exercise book at home for a subject then they should use the Virtual School exercise book provided by the school, or paper. Students will need internet access in order to access Show My Homework every day. This can be done via the mobile phone app if necessary.

Some subjects will set homework on online platforms such as Hegarty Maths and Kerboodle - these are far better accessed on a computer, laptop or tablet rather than a mobile phone. We appreciate that families are sharing these devices so we will endeavour to set a variety of different types of work.


Communication and Support

Students are able to use Show My Homework to contact teachers directly with queries. However we strongly encourage them to use their initiative first and try to take a 'common sense' approach when they are unsure about something. They should not be anxious about being told off if they don't understand an instruction - they should just do what they can, and ask for help if needed. Please bear in mind that if a teacher doesn't reply to a message sent through Show My Homework it may be because they are unwell. 

If a student can not access one of our online platforms such as Kerboodle, Hegarty Maths, Bedrock or Show My Homework they should email for assistance. This email account will be monitored by Mrs Morgan during the school closure.

If you need support from the school for equipment and/or internet access, please email

If websites become overwhelmed with traffic and cease to function, please try again at another time. If the situation persists please consider sensible self-guided alternatives to the work that has been set. This might include reading a book, writing a story or making revision notes on topics studied so far this year.


Frequently Used Websites

Maths: Hegarty Maths (user guide here)

English: Bedrock (user guide here)

Science: Kerboodle

All subjects: Show My Homework (user guide here)

All subjects: YouTube