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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Summer Assessments 10th-14th June 2019


Papers and length

Topics to revise


1xReading paper (45 minutes)

1xWriting paper (45 minutes)

Students will have two papers in English.  The reading paper will require them to analyse a poem that they will have in front of them in MEAL paragraphs.  In preparation they should revise the following poems in addition to others that will be on SMHW:


  • Nettles
  • Walking Away
  • First Day at School
  • Catrin
  • Born Yesterday


For the writing paper students will be asked to plan and write a story with a choice of two options/titles.


Revision topics

  • Writing to describe
  • Writing in Meal paragraphs
  • Circle of Life poetry unit
  • Language and structural methods


1xNon Calculator paper (45 minutes)

1xCalculator paper (45 minutes)

  • Algebra

-Simplifying expressions and expanding bracket

-Substitution (including negative numbers)

Solving equations


  • Shape

-Properties of 2D and 3D shapes (sides, equal angles, equal lengths etc)

-Nets, Plans and elevations



  • Angles

-Angle rules

-Finding missing angles


  • Percentage

-Equivalent fractions, percentage, decimals

-Percentage of a number and increase/decrease

-Expressing one quantity as a percentage of another


  • Scale factors and rates of change

-Additive and multiplicative relationships.


The assessment can also include anything from the following topics:


  • Rounding and Estimating, Decimals and Negatives, Factors and Multiples, Fractions, Multiplying and Dividing.




1x 45 minute paper

The assessment will cover all topics taught this year

  • Introduction to Science.
  • Biology: Inside Cells; Gas Exchange; Nutrition; Environment.
  • Chemistry: Elements, Atoms & Compounds; Particles & States of Matter; Chemical Reactions; Properties of Matter.
  • Physics: Forces; Electricity; Electromagnetism; Sound Waves.


Students must also be able to comment on the following Required Practicals: 10 – Energy in crisps; 11 – Stearic acid cooling curve; 12 – Properties & uses of ultrasound; 13 – Seed dispersal.



1x 50 minute paper

The assessment will be on everything they have learnt in RS this year:

  • The 6 main world religions and key words
  • Creation stories
  • Hinduism
  • Judaism



2x40 minute papers


  • Spread of Islam
  • Henry VIII’s break from Rome
  • Trial & Execution of Charles I
  • The English Civil War
  • Oliver Cromwell and the interregnum


Question styles on your paper:

  • Inference
  • Utility (how useful is a source for helping you to understand a key topic)
  • Narrative account
  • Explanation (of either HOW or WHY something took place)

Top revision tips:

  • Practice, practice, practice.  Work through questions, don’t just read them. 
  • Revise topics and do questions you are less confident on.  
  • Decide which topics you need to spend more time on (the ones you find hardest) – make a revision timetable.
  • Make a revision card for each key part of the test
  • Learn key historical figures, dates and terms and their definitions.
  • Practice writing extended answers using paragraphs



1x 50 minute paper


 Key geographical terms and concepts (human geography, physical geography, social, economic, environmental and sustainability)

 The names and location of the continents, oceans and the UK’s main physical and human features

 The location and climate of the world’s main ecosystems

 How humans use tropical rainforests to live

 The enhanced greenhouse effect

 Why China is a suitable location to manufacture the iPhone

 Sustainability of the iPhone supply chain

 Challenges in urban areas



 Analysis photographs

 Bar charts (reading and plotting)

 OS map skills (map features, four and six figure grid references, measuring straight line distances, relief/contour lines)

 Compass directions


Top revision tips:

• Practice, practice, practice. Work through questions, don’t just read them.

• Revise topics and do questions you are less confident on.

• Decide which topics you need to spend more time on (the ones you find hardest) – make a revision timetable.

• Make a revision card for each key part of the test.

• Learn key geographical terms and their definitions.

• Practice writing extended answers using paragraphs.



Speaking assessments in first week back

3 separate assessments:

  1. Grammar (25 mins)
  2.  Listening and reading (15 then 25 mins)
  3. Writing (45 mins)


Spanish assessments will be on everything that students have learnt since September.


To revise for these assessments students should:

- Practise their vocabulary on quizlet

- Create flash cards with the vocabulary that you find difficult to remember.

- Go through your books and glossaries to revise topics covered.

- Work through the revision materials/tasks that have been placed on show my homework.




  • Saying your name
  • Greetings
  • Where you live
  • How you are feeling
  • The alphabet
  • Personality
  • Date and numbers
  • Opinion
  • Family
  • Physical and character description
  • Key vocabulary for pets, common colours
  • School equipment + devices
  • School subjects
  • Opinions on school subjects
  • The verbs Ser and Tener
  • Present tense
  • School facilities, opinions and justifications
  • Break time activities
  • Classroom equipment
  • Food/drinks in canteen/breakfast
  • Daily routine / how do you prepare
  • Time expressions
  • Free time activities
  • Weather expressions, seasons


Art and Design

1x 90 minute assessment


  • Tonal drawing using colour pencils or Sketch pencils.
  • Students need to practice their light and dark tones, proportion and mark making
  • Students must provide their own sketch pencils for their assessment if they would like to use them




Practical assessments in cricket and rounders

A 30 minute written assessment



  • Muscles
  • The boy’s response to exercise
  • The importance of warming up
  • Health and safety
  • Coaching


Performing Arts

Practical assessment performance in lesson time

Students must learn their lines using their scripts and perform their scenes from the text 'Sparkleshark'.


  • Creation and Development
  • Theatrical Skills
  • -Contribution




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