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Sorry about that and thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will get these fixed.


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🗑️ Fly tippers beware 📍 helping to put Sutton on the map 📺 Watch Council live on Monday 17 January  The latest issue of Sutton Scene is out ➡️


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A MASSIVE thank you to all students, parents and carers for donating to Library's new books fund - we raised a fantastic £1,681! The books are on the way, watch this space...


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Year 9 doing fantastic guitar work in Music!


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📍 helping to put Sutton on the map Words cannot express the pride we are feeling right now because of this news This super low-energy school is helping make our borough a greener place and is part of our plans for a world-leading London Cancer Hub in Belmont


Year 7 playing seated volleyball in PE as part of their unit on the paralympics.


Well done Zoe! This is brilliant.


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We can’t wait to be back at on Saturday afternoon for a new term of our performing arts classes! Limited spaces still available: ☎️02086883409 📧 👩‍💻


Our Year 7 Boys Football Team beat Glenthorne on Friday in the latest round of the Sutton Cup. The score was 5 - 0.


All ready for Year 10 assessments. It’s our first time setting up exam tables in this space.


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We're getting some fantastic entries for our . Keep them coming! You have until Friday 14th January to enter


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We won highest engagement! Our prizes were chosen from the student suggestion book in the library


Well done to everyone for completing the assignments set today. We look forward to welcoming Year 8 and 10 back to lessons tomorrow, and Year 7 and 9 on Friday. As usual, the gate opens at 8am and the canteen will be selling breakfast. Students must arrive by 8.25am.


Hi. Sorry for missing this message. Work will be set on Satchel tomorrow and Thursday. It will be for the subjects that are normally timetabled on these days (so five subjects a day, approximately one hour per subject).


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We can’t wait to be back at school from Saturday 15th January in Sutton at ! 🧩Get in touch to book a two week trial and find out what Jigsaw is all about! 🧩 ☎️ 0208 688 3409 📧


Happy New Year to our students, staff, families and community. Illustration by Maheda in Year 9.


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I hope everyone has had a lovely break and has found time to read a book or two. Remember there's still time to enter the for the chance to win 1 of 3 eReaders ! Take a picture of yourself reading or nice & and send it to Miss Lock


A parent of a HASU student is running cooking classes in our Food Tech Room on Saturdays from 8th January. Booking and information here:


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Our KS3 students have loved being paired up with KS4 Reading Leaders this half term to spend time reading and talking about stories together!


We are delighted to share our latest newsletter here:

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Year 8

Welcome from Head of Year 8, Ms Matthews

My Vision:

As a pastoral leader, I want to ensure that every child is given a nurturing and supportive environment where they are building resilience and determination to be successful in all facets of not only school, but wider life. From entry we should be showing them clear boundaries as well as a team within the year group who clearly want to get the very best from them.

My name is Ms Matthews, I am the Head of Year 8 at HASU and a teacher of English. In my role here, I have been able to work with the students to introduce them to Secondary School life, challenge them to engage with a range of subjects, support them with building and maintaining new friendships, stepping outside of their comfort zone and becoming a confident and successful part of the school’s ethos and community.

 I originally joined the school in 2019 as an English teacher and was a tutor to the second cohort of students who started with us. I have been a teacher in schools since 2015 and here at Harris Academy Sutton, the role of the tutor clearly is seen as a prominent part in supporting the wellbeing of the child and ignited a passion in me to be more directly involved in the pastoral support and development of our students. In 2020 I became Head of Year to our third cohort which has been one of the most challenging but also rewarding opportunities in my teaching career.

As a core value of mine, looking after the mental as well as physical wellbeing are equally as significant. I went on a Mental Health First Aid course last year to ensure that I was well equipped to have conversations with students in the year group about mental health and also promote values of talking about how we feel and expressing it, rather than bottling up which can lead to further issues. In my assemblies I want to build an ethos even more of optimism and positivity, as a way to build more resilience and have a year group who use appropriate and mature channels to deal with adversity.

What is it like to be a Year 8 at HASU?

  • In Year 8 students will now have much more of a handle over Secondary School and its challenges. They can begin to look out for the year 7s and guiding them through becoming more organised, navigating the school building and looking out for them on the playground. Their studies will become more detailed, building on the foundations started in year 7 and allowing students to challenge themselves. At this point year 8 are given more trust and responsibilities around the school and we encourage students to get involved in being an active student as much as possible.

What are the events and occasions we can expect during Year 8?

When? What?
Autumn 1


Autumn 2

Principal’s Talk

Spring 1

Mid-Year Assessment Week

Mid-Year Reports

H&A Parents Evening
Spring 2

Year 8 Residential Trip

S&U Parents Evening
Summer 1


Summer 2

End of Year Assessment Week

IID Week

End of Year Reports