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Harris Academy Sutton works with the ICR to benefit the young people in our community and beyond. This video and resource will be hugely valuable to students.


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The winner of the School Building Award sponsored by is CONGRATULATIONS!


An amazing piece of work for geography, produced by Eben A (8U8). Well done Eben!


For more information about our excellent Personal Development curriculum at Harris Academy Sutton, including our annual programme of IID Days, please see our website:


Tuesday 1st December is IID Day! All students will be 'off timetable' on this day. Each year group will have a different focus: Year 7: Being a Teenager Year 8: Communication Day Year 9: My Pathways 1/2


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Can't wait to give this talk & to support in giving extra opportunities despite current restrictions. The credit for the data I'll present of course goes to and . Hoping to enthuse the students to think seriously about careers in science.


Dr Sarah White, a researcher from UCL, will be delivering a live virtual lecture to Year 7 where she will talk about her research exploring laughter, mind reading and the brain! If students want to sign up they can use the link below.


Year 9 virtual careers webinar. Students learnt about the role of a Tax Manager this week.


Great to see students enjoying their lessons in our excellent Technology Room


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Shout out to the fantastic team and students of who are evidencing really high rates of physical activity. Wonderful effort. Can you keep it up as the nights draw in?


We’d really appreciate it if students who borrowed library books last year could return them this week. We are hoping to get our library back up and running soon, working within the bubble constraints. Thank you!


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Great work in Design & Technology by our Year 8s today!


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Year 7 were amazing today working on their pantomime performances! (Oh yes they were!)


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So this week I challenged ’s Year 8s to beat their incredible attendance of 98.56% that they got the week before. They’ve only gone and done it! 99.02%! INCREDIBLE!! Couldn’t be prouder! Right guys, even higher next week?!


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Incredible effort from Year 9 in Music today!


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We're delighted to announce that has been named a 2021 Civic Trust Awards Regional Finalist. Thank you to for recognising the UK's first Passivhaus secondary - a school that sets the standard for sustainable design.


Some photos of our brilliant Year 9 students enjoying enrichment on Thursday.


Some photos from Year 8 enrichment on Wednesday.


We are very proud of our Year 7 students who represented Harris Academy Sutton in our mini-remembrance parade yesterday.


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

I’m so incredibly proud of Year 8 - their attendance this week was 98.56%! That’d be brilliant at any time, but it’s particularly impressive given the current situation! So proud of their determination and resilience! Can we go even higher next week?!

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 9 Assessments 2020

Year 9 Mid-Year Assessments will take place during lessons between 9th December and 17th December 2020 in the subjects listed below. Dates will differ by class and will be confirmed by individual teachers nearer to the time.

Here we have provided a summary of the topics that students should revise for these assessments. For more detail click on the links.

Note that some topics may not yet have been taught, but all content listed here will have been covered by the time exams start.


Topics to Revise




  • Volume
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Number and Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Rounding
  • Angles
  • Scale Drawing and Bearings
  • Algebra

There will be two assessments: one non-calculator and one calculator.

For more detail see the Maths Revision List.


  • Russian Revolution
  • Women’s Suffrage
  • Abolition of the Slave Trade
  • World War One
  • British Empire

For more detail see the History Revision List.


  • Physical and human characteristics of the UK
  • Differences between weather and climate
  • The UK’s climate
  • Population density, distribution and change
  • Human & physical factors affecting the UK’s population distribution
  • Case study of one UK coastal area that is vulnerable to either erosion or flooding
  • UK map locations
  • OS maps skills
  • Graph interpretation

For more detail see the Geography Revision List.


Great Expectations:

  • Plot up to Chapter 40
  • Key characters: Pip, Mr Joe, Mrs Joe, Miss Havisham, Estella.
  • How the characters and their relationships have changed as the novel progresses.
  • Key quotations.
  • Methods Dickens uses to create the impressions he does
  • Key themes in the story and some key events or quotations that represent them
  • PEEIZLED paragraph structure.

For more detail see the English Revision List.

Religious Studies

  • Social Philosophy (Communism, Liberalism, Social Contract Theory, authoritarianism)
  • Islam (beliefs)

Note: Students will be provided with a knowledge organiser for each topic, to support their own notes.


  • Phonics
    • Understanding how letters are pronounced in Spanish.
  • Describing family 
    • Number of people
    • Description of family members – physical description and description of personality
    • Comparing family members
  • Free time activities / family activities
  • Talking about when you were younger
    • Eg. cuando eras más joven, tenía/ era
  • Social network activities (in the past + present)
    • Eg. Juego/jugué, descargo, descargué
  • Adjectival agreement
    • Conjugating verbs into the past, present, future
    • Conjugating verbs the imperfect tense
    • Conjugating verbs the preterite tense
    • Conjugating verbs the near future tense
  • Opinions phrases
    • Eg. Me gusta/me gustan, me chifla/me chiflan


This assessment focuses on scientific concepts applied in the different contexts of Biomimicry and The Paris Agreement:


  • Biomimicry – examples of materials and engineering applications, renewable energy sources
  • The Paris Agreement – power generation


  • Biomimicry – chemical reactions, separating mixtures
  • The Paris Agreement – the greenhouse effect
  • Atomic structure – development of the atomic model


  • Biomimicry – developments in microscopy, examples of animal adaptation
  • The Paris Agreement – climate change


For more detail see the Science Revision List.

Computer Science

  • Data vs Information
  • Social Engineering – Phishing vs Blagging
  • Cybersecurity – Hacking / common cyberattacks, security measures