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Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Fantastic work from Year 8 this week! Really proud of them all!


Great work this week everyone. Fantastic attitudes to learning.


A Year 7 class enjoying their Spanish lesson this morning


Great dancing in a Year 7 Performing Arts lesson today


Lovely to see Year 8 students enjoying a range of activities in the playground at lunch time today


Hi. We’re really sorry that we can’t offer tours this year. We are in the process of creating our virtual tour and we plan to have it online by the end of September. We look forward to sharing it.


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Really enjoyed delivering today’s Year 8 assembly. I spoke about the determination and resilience of one of my all time sporting heroes, , and what our students can learn from him.


More photos from a busy day at HASU.


Great video of a Year 7 music lesson yesterday!


Any Yr 8 student who wishes to keep their wonderful castle from last year should wait at the student gate at 3.30pm and a history teacher will accompany them upstairs to collect it. Any castles that aren’t collected by Monday 21st will be disposed of. Thank you!


Retweetd From Steve Duffy

Year 8 were absolutely outstanding in Music today. Such incredible effort!


More photos of our brilliant students working hard.


Another great week of learning at HASU. Well done everyone. Have a restful weekend. 👍


Wow! We are incredibly impressed by the work done over summer by our new Year 7s. This amazing collection is from 7A3. Well done everyone!


Outstanding work all round today. Well done everyone!


Retweetd From Architype

Well done to and at the news that Harris Academy Sutton has been shortlisted for 'Sustainable Project of the Year'. We're keeping our fingers crossed for this exemplar and project.


Hi. Sorry to hear that. Plain shorts or tracksuit bottoms will be fine until they arrive. Preferably blue or black if possible.


From Tuesday onwards, all year groups must arrive at 8.15am every day. Please check timetables for the days when PE kit is needed. This starts from Monday.


It was wonderful to see our students this week. Their behaviour and attitudes were exemplary. Well done all. 👍 Just a reminder: on Monday, only Year 7 are in for Periods 1 and 2. They should arrive at 8.15am. Year 8 & 9 should arrive at 10.45am. School ends at 3.30pm for all


We are delighted to have a playground full of Year 7 students! ❤️

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Coronavirus Protocols & Information

This purpose of this page is to inform you of what to do if your child or anyone in your household develops any symptoms of coronavirus and the steps that the academy has in place to support you.

We have created an easy to follow flowchart to explain the actions we must all take if symptoms of Covid-19 arise in any member of the Harris Academy Sutton community (immediate and extended) and the actions that will follow.

We have also included links to the safety measures we have in place now that we have reopened alongside details of some small changes to our Behaviour, SEND and Curriculum Policies that we have amended to take into account the current situation.

There is a lot of information contained here. If you need help with dates, isolation periods or just need some advice you should look to the government guidelines and if you have any further questions you can call the Academy for help. 

It is important that your child does not come to the Academy if:

  • They have symptoms of Covid-19
  • Anyone in their household has symptoms of Covid-19
  • They have returned form a country on the government Travel Restrictions Website


What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

The symptoms to look out for are:

A new continuous cough

  • Coughing a lot for more than an hour or 3 or more episodes in 24 hours

A loss of taste or smell

  • Cannot smell/taste, or things smell/taste different to normal

A high temperature or fever

  • Hot to touch on chest or back


What to do if your child develops symptoms:

At the Academy:

If your child develops symptoms whilst in school, we will sensitively isolate them in our Medical Holding Room and ask you to come and collect immediately.


At home:

If your child develops symptoms at home, you should not send them to school. You should inform us of the absence and let us know that you suspect the symptoms are those of Covid-19.


What happens next?

  • In both the above cases your child should then isolate at home.
  • You should book a Covid-19 test here for your child and let us know the results as soon as possible.
  • Members of your household should also isolate.


Test results and next actions

Positive Results (your child has Covid-19)

  • If the results are positive you will need to continue to isolate your child for 10 days
  • Members of your household will need to isolate for 14 days from the date of the first symptoms.
  • Our medical team will provide you with the exact dates you need and support you with this process. Guidance can be found here


Negative results (your child does not have Covid-19)

  • If the results are negative your child and your household can stop isolating immediately.
  • Your child can then return to the academy when they are feeling better.


What to do if someone in your household has symptoms of Covid-19

  • If someone in your household or within your support bubble has Covid-19 symptoms you will need to isolate your child and they should not come to school.
  • We advise that the person with symptoms should then look to take a test as soon as possible.
  • If the result is negative your child can return to school.
  • If the result is positive your child will need to isolate for 14 days from the date that your household member first had symptoms.


Further guidance is available here:

Coronavirus symptoms

Meeting people from outside your household

How to get a coronavirus test